January 2017

18.01.2017 – Kick-off meeting of the selected projects under the 2016 Call for proposals for prevention and preparedness projects. Brussels. Participants: Coordinator

February 2017

Overview of prevention activities of each partner (collection of qualitative data)

March 2017

23.03.2017 – Kick-off meeting of the EVAPREM Project. Tallinn. Participants: Coordinator, Beneficiaries 1-5.

Collection of available quantitative data (performance indicators)

August 2017

16.-17.08.2017 - a workshop on performance indicators, initial model presentation to partners, confirmation of the final form of the model. Latvia. Participants: Coordinator, Beneficiaries 1-5.

September 2017

Mid-term report (months 1-8) to the European Commission

January 2018

24.-25.01.2018 - a workshop on the results of population surveys. Lithuania.
Participants: Coordinator,  Beneficiaries 1-5.
June 2018

Mid-term report (months 9-16) to the European Commission

September 2018

25.-26.09.2018 - a workshop on preliminary results. Finland.
Participants: Coordinator, Beneficiaries 1-5.

October 2018

23.10.2018 - EVAPREM seminar on introducing the model and preliminary results. Belgium, Brussels. 
Participants: Coordinator, Beneficiaries, EU member states. 

December 2018

12.-13.12.2018 - final seminar. Presentation of the results. Tallinn, Estonia. 
Participants: Coordinator, Beneficiaries 1-5.